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Qithycomp stood since 2007 in Sapan, Bandung. Indonesia. And has produced works that have been used in various companies.

For us technology would make a wonderful world.


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Whether we will be able to calculate the air turbulence quickly without software. Impossible for a cashier will manually counting on his fingers when hundreds of shoppers queued. Software that will do it for you.


The computer network will make connections between different worlds. Communication between the machine language make close cooperation. Humans speak, hear and communicate in different places and long distance.


Penjualan secara online. Punya toko fisik tapi gak punya toko online, silahkan pesan disini.


Our works

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Web Development

Has plenty of sites that we produce, even of them have subscribed for more than 5 years, for example.

Email Hosting

Some of our clients have a simply request for unlimited email service, that is use to the benefit of company correspondence. Among them are and


ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a concept to plan and manage the company's resources include funding, people, machinery, parts, time, materials and capacity that affect an area ranging from top management to operations in a company in order to be optimally utilized.

Human Resource Management

This software product is a human resource management tool that helps a company's HR department keep track of all the relevant details of their employees. This enables the streamlining of their operations and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the HR department.

Clinical management

Clinic Management System Software are a must to enhance the fundamental operations of any organization or a health center providing health care. Center Management System Software can be a cloud based solution for medical facilities of clinics to make it easy for their staff, starting with the receptionists, nurses, accountants to the real provider of the medical assistance that is the physicians. The Clinic Management System Software is developed considering all of these recipients.